Im on github

I just setup an account on github in order to share my git repo of some of my more useful config files, you can see it here:


My irssi setup

Recently I have been playing around with my irssi setup and tinkering with commands and scripts so I thought I would share my setup here. My irssi setup is by no means the best setup out there, I have seen far cooler one’s all over the net, this is just how *I* use irssi.

First of all, I have irssi running inside screen (mostly because I use, plus screen is useful in a bunch of other ways. The scripts I currently use are:

The theme I use is a modification of the madcow theme called 88_madcows by Aaron Toponce.

Here is a screenshot of my current irssi window:


My irssi window...

I really like the 88_madcows theme and like Aaron, I also used to use the madcows theme, although at the time I didnt know any Perl or anything, so didn’t consider modifying the theme.


If your reading this post and you don’t use irssi, I highly recommend you check it out, it is an excellent IRC client and the only one I have been able to tolerate using for the past couple of years. If you use irssi, please go ahead and share your setup in the comments.

Alternative search engine’s

In the last week or two, I have been trying out search engines other than Google (yes, Google is not the only search engine). The two I am most impressed with are DuckDuckGo and Blekko, DuckDuckGo is so good that it has knocked Google off it’s place as my default search engine.

DDG (DuckDuckGo) is great for a number of reasons:

  • DDG doesn’t track your searches (Google does)
  • Uses a cool !bang syntax to make searching faster (example: ‘!w linux’ will take you directly to the Wikipedia page for linux, hundreds of !bang shortcuts are available for many popular sites and topics)
  • Almost as good search results as Google, there have only been a tiny handful of searches that havent been very good
  • Fast and minimal
  • The API is open source

Blekko is also very cool, it uses a neat concept where users search using slashes which are designed to give more relevant results. Blekko is also nice and fast and the search results are very good.

I encourage everyone to give these search engines a go, you might just be surprised at what you find.


Yesterday, I was told by a few people that they used and that I should use it, then I remembered that I already have an account at which I created last year.

So I logged in and blew the dust off and am currently in the process of scrobbling my whole music collection to, so if your on and you are a fellow geek/linux user, head over to my profile page here and add me as a friend.

About damn time! (chromium)

Lets all give three cheers for chromium, which now finally plays nice with Java applets and manages to play most flash animations and videos much more smoothly and with fewer crashes than before.

Also, chromium now has a proper working bunch of ad blockers that actually block most of the ads now, instead of almost none at all.

I just have to say that it’s about damn time that chromium started working much better with flash/Java, so a big thankyou to the chromium devs.

Chromium: Still not quite there

I am one of many people who use chromium/google chrome as their main browser and while chromium is really great because of it’s speed, it still has it’s flaws.

The longer I use chromium for, the more flaws I find. There are a few things that really bug me when I’m using chromium, for example, when I want to view a blogs RSS or Atom feed, I click on the link only to find that chromium refuses to display the feed properly and instead just spits the html in plain text onto the screen.

Another thing that really bugs me is the fact that chromium still refuses to handle some flash objects properly, mostly flash animations. Chromium also really hates Java applets for some reason, so I have to fall back to Firefox in order to use either.

There is also the fact that flash seems to constantly crash without warning, meaning I have to hit F5 every time this happens.

I think I may be switching back to Firefox once 3.7 becomes stable. There is a massive speed difference between 3.6 and 3.7 both in startup times and page load times, meaning that chromium no longer has such a big speed advantage.

Found what i was looking for!

Its official! I just found a new favourite torrent site: Kickasstorrents!

I used isohunt before i found out about how good kickasstorrents actaully is, now by all means isohunt is a good torrent site, but it lacks some really nice and useful features that kickasstorrents has. For example, on kickasstorrents, if i hover my cursor over the comments icon in a torrent listing it displays the last few comments made on that torrent, this not only is very cool but saves alot of time when trying to find a good torrent.

Another feature worth mentioning is is the fact that you can subscribe to several different rss feeds to get notified when new torrents get added, there are many different categories such as games, movies, tv, music, applications, anime and even one for direct downloads.

Although there is much, much more you can appreciate so i encourage you to check it out for yourself at!