New Stuff

Since building my first new computer in 9 years just a few months ago, i have been able to completely change the way i use my computer. My hardware before was not nearly powerful enough for me to do much with it, even on Linux. But now i have new hardware, while its not the latest and greatest, its still much more powerful than what i had before. It works very well under Linux, with the exception of my inbuilt sound, which did not seem to work on Ubuntu, but works fine under Arch Linux.

Since i got this new hardware, i have spent many hours gaming, compiling code, browsing the net and enjoying being able to do more than 1-2 things at once. People also seem to think that hardware compatibility on Linux is terrible, but its not. Sure, some companies devices work terribly on Linux (some of the older Lexmark printers for example) but a lot of hardware works just fine.

Expect more frequent blogging from me in the future.


2 Comments on “New Stuff”

  1. Some drivers work well. Some drivers work fine, but not perfectly. Then, some drivers doesn’t work or not even exist. But, this is not only a problem of Linux…

  2. Dale says:

    Great to hear you are enjoying your hardware upgrades. I personally have not had a lot of hardware problems under Linux, but the ones I have had I have enjoy the hacking sessions and trolling the nets to get it working.

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