First, let me give you a bit of back history before I ramble on for a while. I have been stuck for weeks not knowing who or what to believe about Linux any more, I was not liking Canonical because of the recent contributor agreement (even though i didnt have to sign it), on the other hand, I didnt really like ubuntu because of how hard it is to get a simple application into the repositories. For the last few weeks I have been in indecision about what I should do, should I let my Ubuntu Membership expire? should i jump ships to a different distro? should I stick with Ubuntu?

Just a few minutes ago however, I had a *lightbulb* moment, I realised that I should just stick with Ubuntu, why? because I don’t have to sign the contributor agreement, I don’t have to let my membership expire, I don’t need to switch distro’s, I realised that I am happy right where I am, I am happy with Ubuntu. I realised that I don’t actually contribute to Ubuntu itself much, I write my own code, which isn’t included in Ubuntu. I write documentation that isn’t included directly in Ubuntu, I don’t actually contribute anything *directly* to Ubuntu.

So why did i feel this way? why did I feel as if I wasnt doing enough? as if I didnt fit in? I realised that I *do* fit in, I realised that I had no obligation to work my way up to contributing directly to Ubuntu, i already contribute to it in my own unique way. I also now understand that I don’t need to disagree with anything canonical do, since Ubuntu will still be able to use plain old GNOME, it will still be as flexible as before, I realised that I didnt have to accept the default stuff, I could do whatever I wanted, it is Linux after all.

Have you ever felt this way? If yes, what did you do about it?


7 Comments on “*lightbulb*”

  1. Juanjo says:

    I guess it’s because you’re an user, as I am. We don’t change things in the big way other people does, but we’re a tiny part of the total.

    And the total is the thing that counts, so in some way we count too!

  2. S. says:

    Yes, my code installs and runs in GNU/Linux on every distribution I have tried, and I make every effort to write documentation that is distribution-agnostic.

    Ubuntu has some awesome usability, and I dearly hope that the awesomeness (especially the one-click installation, just-works packaging) will end up in every distribution that wants it.

    For instance, to play a software sytnth using an external MIDI controller takes one install (QSynth) in Ubuntu. In Fedora you need to install the synth, install some bits of Jack, add users to audio and Jackuser groups, and modify your /etc/limits.conf file as root – and even then you might get runtime errors with no sound.

    Perhaps some of Canonical’s awesome usability and reliable installation will permeate the whole of FOSS, along with the expectations that former Ubuntu users have developed.

  3. reno says:

    yes everything stay Linux “after all” and you can choose to uninstall the meta-packages if you want to deeply customize it as you need/like. Canonical make a lot of efforts to give newcomers an as easy as possible switch from MS world and try to fill the gap between Apple word too, but Open source indeed. Lets keep go ahead.

  4. I’ve stayed with Ubuntu since Edgy Eft through all the crashes, reloads, failed updates and upgrades, failed or dying disks, unpredictable network activity, flaky software to now with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS which for some amazing reasons just does what I want it to. In one sense, I’ve paid my dues to be where I am with my lab setup. No more upgrades for now.
    Sure, OpenOffice.org could work better, but for now it’s works great for what I need to do. Only tiny tweaks in software would make some things better for me and they don’t really matter.
    Could I consider a different environment? No way at present! I’ve got too many Bash and Python scripts and encryption routines I use every day to sync computers, update webpages, carry out routine tasks, etc. Just getting that environment resettled into another Linux distro is a half a day’s really hard work along with the certainty that perhaps numerous procedural and dependency changes will be necessary to make everything work. Nope, let’s not go into that swamp with its very hungry alligators.

  5. Dale says:

    Good to hear Ryan, stick with what you are comfortable and happy with, and ignore the shit Lisa and I give you on IRC about using Ubuntu. 😉

  6. S. says:

    @Dave Mawdsley: you really should get your environment resettled into another Linux distro (perhaps Fedora and Ubuntu) to eliminate your numerous procedural and dependency changes. And catalogue your alligator wrestling, so that everyone can benefit from a half a day of one person’s effort.

    And another thing… What version of Ubuntu are you running? cat /etc/lsb-release (or sudo apt-get lsb-release && lsb-release -a). Fedora? cat /etc/fedora-release. Either of which returns “No such file or directory” in the wrong distribution.

  7. Joe says:

    I’m thinking about switching to Debian, if/when they give the line “For security reasons we recommend you use Unity.”

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