My irssi setup

Recently I have been playing around with my irssi setup and tinkering with commands and scripts so I thought I would share my setup here. My irssi setup is by no means the best setup out there, I have seen far cooler one’s all over the net, this is just how *I* use irssi.

First of all, I have irssi running inside screen (mostly because I use, plus screen is useful in a bunch of other ways. The scripts I currently use are:

The theme I use is a modification of the madcow theme called 88_madcows by Aaron Toponce.

Here is a screenshot of my current irssi window:


My irssi window...

I really like the 88_madcows theme and like Aaron, I also used to use the madcows theme, although at the time I didnt know any Perl or anything, so didn’t consider modifying the theme.


If your reading this post and you don’t use irssi, I highly recommend you check it out, it is an excellent IRC client and the only one I have been able to tolerate using for the past couple of years. If you use irssi, please go ahead and share your setup in the comments.


5 Comments on “My irssi setup”

  1. The scripts I currently use (and that you haven’t mentioned) are: (
    All the other scripts found on

  2. Becker says:

    Great to see someone sharing their irssi story Ryan but maybe it’s the geek in me I was hoping to see your .irssirc file. Any chance?

    I have been using irssi myself for almost 2 years but can’t really claim to have customised it myself. Instead I found a tutorial similar to your post but going into a lot more detail and I simply tried that setup, liked it and have used it ever since. Here’s the link if you wanted to take a look yourself (not my site)

    • nisshh says:

      I didnt post my irssi config because its not recommended to edit your irssi’s config options by hand. Maybe i will do a post soon about some of the more interesting options that i changed though, you are right.

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