First, let me give you a bit of back history before I ramble on for a while. I have been stuck for weeks not knowing who or what to believe about Linux any more, I was not liking Canonical because of the recent contributor agreement (even though i didnt have to sign it), on the other hand, I didnt really like ubuntu because of how hard it is to get a simple application into the repositories. For the last few weeks I have been in indecision about what I should do, should I let my Ubuntu Membership expire? should i jump ships to a different distro? should I stick with Ubuntu?

Just a few minutes ago however, I had a *lightbulb* moment, I realised that I should just stick with Ubuntu, why? because I don’t have to sign the contributor agreement, I don’t have to let my membership expire, I don’t need to switch distro’s, I realised that I am happy right where I am, I am happy with Ubuntu. I realised that I don’t actually contribute to Ubuntu itself much, I write my own code, which isn’t included in Ubuntu. I write documentation that isn’t included directly in Ubuntu, I don’t actually contribute anything *directly* to Ubuntu.

So why did i feel this way? why did I feel as if I wasnt doing enough? as if I didnt fit in? I realised that I *do* fit in, I realised that I had no obligation to work my way up to contributing directly to Ubuntu, i already contribute to it in my own unique way. I also now understand that I don’t need to disagree with anything canonical do, since Ubuntu will still be able to use plain old GNOME, it will still be as flexible as before, I realised that I didnt have to accept the default stuff, I could do whatever I wanted, it is Linux after all.

Have you ever felt this way? If yes, what did you do about it?

Im on github

I just setup an account on github in order to share my git repo of some of my more useful config files, you can see it here:



My irssi setup

Recently I have been playing around with my irssi setup and tinkering with commands and scripts so I thought I would share my setup here. My irssi setup is by no means the best setup out there, I have seen far cooler one’s all over the net, this is just how *I* use irssi.

First of all, I have irssi running inside screen (mostly because I use nicklist.pl), plus screen is useful in a bunch of other ways. The scripts I currently use are:

The theme I use is a modification of the madcow theme called 88_madcows by Aaron Toponce.

Here is a screenshot of my current irssi window:


My irssi window...

I really like the 88_madcows theme and like Aaron, I also used to use the madcows theme, although at the time I didnt know any Perl or anything, so didn’t consider modifying the theme.


If your reading this post and you don’t use irssi, I highly recommend you check it out, it is an excellent IRC client and the only one I have been able to tolerate using for the past couple of years. If you use irssi, please go ahead and share your setup in the comments.