New Pytask release!

I am very pleased to announce the latest version of an application of mine called Pytask, I hinted in a blog post a while ago that it was nearing release, but I was set back by both bugs in the code and other projects.

The new features in this release include:

  • Pytask is now translated into Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Hindi and Spanish
  • Pytask now has an indicator applet *with* a mono icon
  • The filter introduced in 10.06.1 has been further improved
  • You can now report bugs against Pytask using apport

You can get Pytask from my PPA here:


Custom indicator applet icon

Recently, I have been helping out many, many people in #ubuntu-app-devel on Freenode with getting a their application indicator to use a custom icon. I recently went through a lot of hassle trying to figure this out, so I thought I would post about it.

So normally to initialize your application indicator, you would have something like this:

ind = appindicator.Indicator("MyApp", "my-app-icon", appindicator.CATEGORY_APPLICATION_STATUS)

But that will only allow you to use icons in the current icon theme, not your own, so to fix this you just need to specify the path like so:

ind = appindicator.Indicator("MyApp", "/usr/share/myapp/media/my-app-icon.png", appindicator.CATEGORY_APPLICATION_STATUS)

The above code assumes that your app is a Quickly application (/usr/share/myapp/ is where Quickly applications install themselves to). If your application is not a Quickly application then you just need to point the path where your icon is when the application is installed.