I need your help!

That’s right, I am in need of the community’s help.


I am just sick of my GNOME desktop running so darn sluggishly (my hardware’s fault, not Ubuntu’s), so I am asking you (the community), which applications do you use that are a) lightweight and b) simple but powerful?

I am specifically looking for replacements for the following applications:

  • web browser (I currently use Chromium, but it is very resource hungry)
  • mail client (on the desktop, I want to move away from the gmail web interface)
  • feed reader (I currently use Google Reader, which is nice, but can be slow at times)

I am willing to consider command-line versions of applications, with the exception of the web browser.

I also have some very good news, the application that I have been working very, very hard on since earlier this year, called Pytask, is very close to the next release now (literally days away if all goes to plan) and it brings some very cool improvements as well as some requested and unexpected improvements too. I don’t want to give away the juicy detail’s until release time, so you will have to wait until then.

Why I love Ubuntu

Following Jono’s lead I decided to blog about why I love Ubuntu.


I love the sheer amount of choice I have when using Ubuntu, I can choose from many web browsers, heaps of music and media players, I can choose to use the Terminal over a GUI when I want (I tend to be doing this more and more), I love being able to get sick of an application only to find a better application for the same job and I thoroughly enjoy trying new alternative applications.


I love having full control over my whole desktop, it is a great feeling when I can install/remove applications with a single command. I love actually having a useful Terminal, when I need to use Windows 7 at college I suddenly remember that I can no longer do anything useful with it (which results in a *sigh* followed by a *facepalm*).


This is such a huge benefit of Ubuntu (and Linux in general), it is for this very reason that I now do all my college assignments at home, simply because I get them all done way faster. I find it so much faster to multi-task on Ubuntu, although this is limited somewhat because I have a very old computer (Pentium 4 from 2003), but Ubuntu solves this by not frustrating me, it doesn’t throw error dialogs at me, it doesn’t waste precious CPU cycles telling me that there is a serious problem, it just quietly works through it and return’s to normal.

Rest assured though, as soon as I have the cash lying around, I am planning on buying some new hardware.


I could write so much more about this topic, but I won’t, because I don’t want you to read an essay. To conclude, here is a screenshot of my current Ubuntu 10.10 desktop:

Looking for a cheap NAS

I offered to post this request to the Planet, so here goes, a guy in my LoCo is looking for a good, cheap two hard drive NAS that will be sitting on his (pretty fast) cable network and acting as a local Ubuntu repository, any suggestions?


This is both a test post to ensure that syndication to Planet Ubuntu is working and also a quick hello post to all the planet subscribers.

Some of you may know me, some of you may not, I became an Ubuntu Member back in late August of this year through the Oceania Membership Board (I live in Australia). I really enjoy being a part of the Ubuntu community, it has taught me many thing’s.

Anyway, I can almost always be found on IRC using the nick nisshh, feel free to chat to me, I enjoy having a chat and meeting new people.

If you dig deep enough…

Today I was about to download a tool called PSPShrink which basically compresses your Sony PSP iso’s into smaller cso files. Just as I was about to download the tool I found a tool called ciso in the maverick repositories, this tool does exactly the same thing, except it has no clunky unnecessary GUI like PSPShrink.

So I now use ciso, which is available in the repositories and can be installed by running the following in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install ciso

It is very easy to use and very convenient, since I am using the terminal a lot of the time.