Blender crazy

Recently I have been starting to use Blender more and more (you know, the blender 3D software), specifically the latest 2.54 version. I really love how easy Blender 2.54 is, for instance, I was able to go from nothing to basic keyframe animation in a matter of a few minutes and I completed my first (very rough and not even textured) model of a sword yesterday in a matter of a few hours, which you can find an image of on my Flickr here.

There are also many other things I love about Blender, one thing that get’s a big plus from me is that Blender itself run’s very fast and smoothly on my old Celeron-based Pentium 4 here and the only thing that takes forever is the rendering, which is not a big deal for me since I am not trying to render anything larger than a sword (so far, anyway).

Another great thing is that the whole interface can be extended with Python, which is the language I know best. Along with that there is also a well implemented add-ons system which can be useful at times.

I thoroughly encourage you all to check it out, although please be a aware that Blender 2.5 is NOT a stable release it is still in the beta stage.


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