Now on DeviantART

I now have an account on DeviantART, which I will mostly just use for displaying model’s and stuff that I create in Blender. You can find my profile here.


Recent Pytask happening’s

I have some very exciting news for those of you looking forward to the next release of Pytask. It is now pretty close to being released, I am just finishing off adding Indicator Applet support.

So what is new?

  • Indicator Support
  • Now translated into Arabic, French and Spanish as well!
  • Some new enhancement’s for the Filter’s introduced in the last version.
  • Should be a little faster when starting, due to performance improvement’s in desktop-couch during the maverick cycle.
  • Desktop-couch syncing to Ubuntu One has now been turned back on for most users, so Pytask task’s should now get synced again.

Keep an eye out over the next fortnight or so for the new version of Pytask!

Blender crazy

Recently I have been starting to use Blender more and more (you know, the blender 3D software), specifically the latest 2.54 version. I really love how easy Blender 2.54 is, for instance, I was able to go from nothing to basic keyframe animation in a matter of a few minutes and I completed my first (very rough and not even textured) model of a sword yesterday in a matter of a few hours, which you can find an image of on my Flickr here.

There are also many other things I love about Blender, one thing that get’s a big plus from me is that Blender itself run’s very fast and smoothly on my old Celeron-based Pentium 4 here and the only thing that takes forever is the rendering, which is not a big deal for me since I am not trying to render anything larger than a sword (so far, anyway).

Another great thing is that the whole interface can be extended with Python, which is the language I know best. Along with that there is also a well implemented add-ons system which can be useful at times.

I thoroughly encourage you all to check it out, although please be a aware that Blender 2.5 is NOT a stable release it is still in the beta stage.


I just read Mark Shuttleworth’s blog post about the release of Ubuntu 10.10 in my feed reader, I am just blown away by what he said in that post, and I too feel the need to express my thank’s to all the people I worked alongside while I was busy coding, writing, and fixing bug’s.

Two people who have been very helpful to me this cycle are Didier Roche and Rick Spencer, who have helped me to understand so much more about Ubuntu and Ubuntu Development. I also thoroughly enjoyed Robbie Williamson’s 10.10 announcement post about Ubuntu and the meaning of life.

Unfortunately, due to my parent’s being anti-technology and not liking the fact that I like using computer’s, they have forbidden me from going to UDS-N, but I am determined to make it to a UDS eventually!

Enjoy Ubuntu 10.10, it is surely the greatest Ubuntu release to date!