Chromium: Still not quite there

I am one of many people who use chromium/google chrome as their main browser and while chromium is really great because of it’s speed, it still has it’s flaws.

The longer I use chromium for, the more flaws I find. There are a few things that really bug me when I’m using chromium, for example, when I want to view a blogs RSS or Atom feed, I click on the link only to find that chromium refuses to display the feed properly and instead just spits the html in plain text onto the screen.

Another thing that really bugs me is the fact that chromium still refuses to handle some flash objects properly, mostly flash animations. Chromium also really hates Java applets for some reason, so I have to fall back to Firefox in order to use either.

There is also the fact that flash seems to constantly crash without warning, meaning I have to hit F5 every time this happens.

I think I may be switching back to Firefox once 3.7 becomes stable. There is a massive speed difference between 3.6 and 3.7 both in startup times and page load times, meaning that chromium no longer has such a big speed advantage.


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