18 months with ubuntu: what i have learnt

As some of you who know me on irc know, iv been using and contributing to Ubuntu for almost 18 months now, I thought I’d just reflect back on what iv done over that time.

First of all, I should probably explain where I started.

I first started using Ubuntu in January 2009 after ordering a Live CD over Christmas (during the development of 9.04), i dual booted Windows and Ubuntu for about 4 hours before I dove in and wiped Windows off my hard drive. I quickly grew to like Ubuntu and decided it was right for me. I discovered launchpad.net in late January and immediately signed up and thought id start developing a GTK based app for GNOME, but it wasn’t until July 2009 that the idea of Pytask came to form in my head.

Since then I’ve really got into learning python and getting really familiar with the command-line. As a result of this I hang out on irc.freenode.net for most of every day and chat to whoever is around. Some other projects I’m now involved in now include the Ubuntu Manual Project and Quickly Widgets, which I think are both awesome projects.

Recently (sometime in the last few days) I’ve noticed a considerable increase in the efficiency with which I use Ubuntu, I can use the command-line faster, open programs faster, I know more about Linux and Ubuntu in general and also type much faster than I could before.

Heres a screenshot of my desktop as of today:

It’s still fairly plain as Linux desktop’s go but at least it’s far better than what I had back in February:

My Current Desktop

So, thanks for reading fellow Linux users, Enjoy!


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