Introducing Pytask!

Pytask, is a project i have been working on for the past 9 months or so, it is a simple todo-list management app and originally it started off as an experiment for when i was first venturing into the world of python. Now though, my days are spent either writing and helping out with the Ubuntu Manual Project or getting serious with Pytask.

In any case, my wish for this year is to completely revamp Pytask and to extend its feature set to something i never imagined would ever happen with such a small hobby project. I am currently porting it over to the Quickly app, which i see as a great and easy way to manage any small projects, especially ones that scratch an itch. Another little app i frequently use is called Acire, which is a great app if your fairly new to pygtk programming and just want to get started easily and without having to first get confused by all those really old tutorials sprinkled all over the internet.

Stay tuned for more news and progress on Pytask!

In other news, the Ubuntu Manual Project has already fixed over 530 bugs reported via our website, so thanks to everyone who has jumped on board and helped out from the OMG!ubuntu! community.

Found what i was looking for!

Its official! I just found a new favourite torrent site: Kickasstorrents!

I used isohunt before i found out about how good kickasstorrents actaully is, now by all means isohunt is a good torrent site, but it lacks some really nice and useful features that kickasstorrents has. For example, on kickasstorrents, if i hover my cursor over the comments icon in a torrent listing it displays the last few comments made on that torrent, this not only is very cool but saves alot of time when trying to find a good torrent.

Another feature worth mentioning is is the fact that you can subscribe to several different rss feeds to get notified when new torrents get added, there are many different categories such as games, movies, tv, music, applications, anime and even one for direct downloads.

Although there is much, much more you can appreciate so i encourage you to check it out for yourself at!


Trying out KDE 4.4.1 SC!

Today i tried out the new KDE 4.4.1 SC, ever since KDE 4.0 i have been trying out each new point release. Now, i was pretty impressed with KDE 4.3.5 a while ago but was driven back to gnome because of several desktop annoyances that really bugged the hell out of me, such as the messy arrangement of settings in the system settings and the complete lack of an easy to find shutdown button as well as my taskbar doing strange things.

However, after trying out the new release of KDE im pleased to say that i really like it, and following are some of the reasons why i may well switch to kubuntu when 10.04 comes around:

Desktop Effects

The desktop effects in KDE, are sooooo much smoother than compiz is in gnome, sure if i had a much newer computer it would not be so noticable, but for those of us that have old clunky P4’s its annoying to have laggy desktop effects. Although i do have to admit that compiz appears to be a fair bit more customizable still.

Desktop and Applications

General cruising around the desktop and playing with applications is much more fun in KDE than in GNOME. For one thing i found KDE apps to be more configurable and while not as simple as some GNOME apps, they were still extremely user friendly. After just one day of using KDE i already use kmail instead of evolution and thunderbird, dolphin instead of pcmanfm and quassel instead of xchat.

Final Thoughts

Im now finding that GNOME’s simplicity, while not a bad thing, is not the right desktop for me, KDE is great, the default apps are more what i want than what GNOME offers and it is lighter on my system than GNOME is by around 15%.

Iv now decided to go with Kubuntu when 10.04 comes out.

In other News

Why not join in the effort to create a beginners manual for ubuntu, if you are a part of the Ubuntu Forums, why not put a link to the Ubuntu Manual website in your sig!