What you should know…

I thought i would kick off my second ever blog post with a bit of information about my linux journey so far, how its gone and how i am helping out the community.

First off heres a screenshot of my Ubuntu 9.10 desktop:

My Current Desktop

Yes, i know it has a vista emerald theme but i am just using that until i can find a far better one.

Currently, i am involved with very few projects, since im still learning:

Pytask – a task management app im developing for GNOME right now.

The Ubuntu Manual – I am also helping to write a pdf for Lucid.

I am a really avid IT bloke, i think open source as a whole is just awesome and i hope to become and Ubuntu Member someday. I have been using Ubuntu for nearly 18 months now and have learnt alot about many, many things. Compared to what i’v learnt at college doing IT for about the same amount of time as iv been using Ubuntu for, except using windows only, the difference is masssive.

Before i came to linux i didn’t want to learn anything about windows, it was not that it was boring, just really difficult to learn and put to use. When i came to linux however, my eyes were opened wide and i was taken aback at how much freedom linux actually gave me.

(I will probably start a flame war for saying this but: windows really does suck!)


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